Cauliflower Wings


4 tbsp of corn starch
200 ml plantbased milk
100 gr of crushed corn flakes
150 gr of cauliflower florets
100 ml of Zims Tribe Sauce


Prepare 3 bowls
First one should be with corn starch
Second one with the plant based milk
And the third one with the crushed corn flakes
Dip each floret first in the corn starch, then the milk and at the end roll it over the cornflakes
The rolled florets are ready to be put in a baking tray
When you have rolled them all in the corn flakes , bake them in the oven, set to 375 Fahrenheit, for about 25 minutes Take them out, halfway, and coat with Zims Tribe Sauce
Put them back in the oven so the sauce can cook and caramelize
When ready, serve with a sprinkle of chipotle powder and some dipping sauce

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