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Zims Tribe,

the spice of great tasting food flavours that keeps on giving.

Our time honoured, traditional favours are created from a blend of wholesome vegetables, herbs, and spices unique to the Nigerian ethnic heritage.

Free from additives, colouring and non-food preservatives. No added sugar, gluten free, wheat free and wholly plant based.

Our intense love for punchy spicy cuisines and melding of flavours was nurtured from growing up in Nigeria and being Mum and Granny’s apprentice chef almost daily, where mostly, every meal was prepared from scratch using a plethora of fresh produce, herbs & spices, with punchy flavours and aromas wafting through our humble abode being the norm. Memories appreciated now, more so than ever.

Inspiration also comes from the extended family out in Andalucía, Spain.

Sandra and Murphy, both fine vegetarian chefs, purveyors of Pickles, Jams and Chili sauces, their expertise a guiding light as we continuously strive to produce our rich earthy flavours.

We bring to the party, flavours from the motherland and would love you to enjoy, as a versatile accompaniment with all your meals, snacks, or nibbles, our rich appetising smoky balanced spiced condiments. Its all about being with loved ones, enjoying a banquet of great tasting umami flavours and creating yummy memories.

Our award-winning Sauces and Infused Oils will most definitely jiggle your tastebuds and make your tummy smile.
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Zims Tribe Habanero Chilli & Tomato Sauce MILD

The tomato flavour is fine, and the caramelised onion is delectable on the palate, perfectly pleasant. Quite a meaty flavour with sundried tomato and savouriness/sweetness. Strangely moreish with a lovely tang. A highly versatile product. Would work well with pasta.

Mash Raja Ahmed

Zims Tribe Habanero Chilli & Tomato Sauce HOT

Rich spicy tomato notes on the nose.  Rich, deep, slow-roasted tomato flavours. Lovely spicy tamarind aroma.  The tamarind flavour stands proud on the palate. A bright red colour and a smooth texture.  The tomato flavour is dominant, supported with mild spice notes.

Virginie Mazet-Murphy

Zims Tribe Habanero Chilli & Tomato Sauce MEDIUM

Rich, deep looking sauce.  Rich spicy tomato notes on the nose.  Rich, deep, slow-roasted tomato flavours. Lovely aromas. Appetising texture.  Flavours balance well with a great depth from the caramelised notes.  Gentle warmth and length.

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